Frequently Asked Questions


What is the role of the Parent Association?

The Brooklyn Arbor Parent Association (PA)’s mission is to raise money for educational, enrichment and community activities at Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School and to foster community by providing opportunities to work together in support of our school. Our goal is to ensure that all activities endorsed or supported by the PA are inclusive and uphold the values of the school.

How do I join Brooklyn Arbor’s PA?

You are already a member! Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month. Times alternate between 8:30 am and 6 pm - check your calendar! For those not able to attend, the PA Board invites parents to join us the following Thursday morning at 8:20. Meeting minutes are also available, email the PA for more info.

Why do we need a PA? Doesn’t the school get a budget from the city every year?

Public schools are funded by the NYC Department of Education. Their budgets do not cover all enrichment activities. The mission of the PA is to raise funds to support the school in giving each student a full academic experience.

How is Brooklyn Arbor’s PA set up?

Our PA board is made up of Co-Presidents, a Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer. The board leads meetings, oversees committees and makes decisions governed by rules set out in the by-laws. Most of our committees take on specific projects determined by our parents interests, others fill mandatory roles required by the DOE. Current committees include: Events, Grant Writing, Greening, Wellness, Election and Audit. Joining a committee is great way to get involved. Money raised is allocated according to a budget that is voted on by parents at general PA meetings.

What happens at a typical Brooklyn Arbor PA meeting?

Every meeting has real-time English to Spanish translation! Child care is also available. A member of the
administration is always in attendance as well as a teacher representative. Meeting agendas are distributed in advance of each meeting. The latter part of each meeting is reserved for questions and comments.


How has money raised by the PA been spent in the past?

  • A full-time music program and instruments for all students
  • Air conditioners and air-cleaning woolly pockets and trees for every classroom
  • A financial assistance fund to assure all students can participate in all school activities
  • Programs like Greenkill trip, Cool Culture, K celebration, Story Pirates, after school residencies and in-school enrichment

Grants received enabled us to:

  • Help fund the music program for all students
  • Renovate the library and purchase a guided reading book room collection
  • Maintain a wellness salad bar
  • Create the Materials Depot
  • Renovate the school’s entryway

What are our goals for the upcoming year?

  • Subsidize residency programs such as supplementary music, art, etc.
  • Continue our partnership with Cool Culture 
  • Asphalt Green recess enhancement
  • Sponsor Kindergarten and 5th grade graduations
  • Sustain grade-specific programs such as Story Pirates and the Greenkill overnight trip